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About SEO For Photographers

SEO for Photographers is the perfect guidebook for anyone who wants their photography website to rank higher on Google's search results

Written by award-winning photographer and SEO specialist, Alan Hutchison, this book will take you through the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation step-by-step so that your website can reach its full potential.

Imagine being able to have complete control over where your website appears in Google's search results. 

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What this book will teach you
This easy-to-follow guide book will lead you step by step through the entire process of getting your photography website found higher up in the search engine rankings and delivering a steady stream of new business leads to your website.
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  • Find out the real value of SEO and discover how much potential free advertising it can bring to your business
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  • Learn the 7 step process you need to take to optimise your website pages before you hit publish
  • Find out the easiest Search Engine Optimisation task on the planet that can have you quickly ranking high in the local maps results pages on Google
  • Discover the links you need from other websites to success - and the links you don't!
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About The Author
Alan Hutchison
In just two short years Alan Hutchison built up his Photography Business into a six-figure enterprise that transformed his life.

Now retired from Wedding Photography, he is free to teach you the simple Search Engine optimisation that he used to achieve a six-figure income from his business.

In 2010 Alan was awarded the SWPP’s Members’ Choice Wedding Photographer of the Year, and in 2011 he jointly won the SWPP Members Choice General Photographer alongside his daughter Nicola. He was also awarded the Overall Most Promising Scottish Photographer of the Year by the Scottish Region of the MPA.

Before he started his studio, Alan’s professional background was in IT with 30 years of experience, working with firms of all sizes, including the largest PLCs and corporations. He has also owned several companies himself, including an Internet-based financial services firm he founded and successfully floated on the OFEX stock exchange in 2001, and a Photography SEO business which he successfully sold in 2018.

Alan is recognized within the photography industry as an expert on sales and marketing for photographers and SEO techniques and has spoken regularly to other professionals at Photography Conventions and Seminars.