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As a Wedding Photographer or Portrait Photographer are you struggling with your Google Rankings, Marketing, Website Design and Hosting? Branding? Pricing? The list is endless. Yes sales and marketing for photographers is indeed an absolute minefield.

If so, you’re not alone. Most professional photographers are struggling with at least one of these issues.

MarketingForPhotographers.com is here to help you take your business to the next level with our proven marketing strategies, sales techniques, and SEO tips that will help you grow your photography business and get more clients.

With years of experience in sales and marketing for photographers, we know what it takes to succeed in the competitive world of professional photography.

Our goal is to help you succeed in your photography business by providing quality information, resources, and training, on sales, marketing, and SEO.

We also offer exclusive training for Wedding and Portrait photographers that will help transform your business into a six-figure enterprise.

If you’re serious about taking your photography business to the next level, we can help you get there.

If you utilize MarketingForPhotographers.com as part of your marketing strategy we are confident that we can help you grow your photography business and achieve success.

So whether you’re just starting or you’ve been in business for years, we can help you take your photography business to the next level

THE 80/20 RULE


You know that to be a successful professional portrait and wedding photographer, you have to do more than take good photographs. It is a popular belief that photography is (sadly) only about 20% of the skills required to successfully run a small business.

At MarketingForPhotographers.com we believe in the 80/20 rule – A successful business requires 80% of your time devoted to the business and about 20% to photography.

Our goal is to create a site that will offer unique, useful information on sales and marketing for photographers as well as great business ideas for photographers around the world. The Marketing for Photographers website is built for Wedding Photographers and Portrait Photographers and focuses on some of the most pressing problems in the industry.



  • If only we could attract new clients easily.
  • If only we knew what social media channels we should be covering.
  • If only I didn’t have to spend so much time on my social media accounts
  • If only we knew how to reach our target audience and find the ideal client.
  • If only we knew the correct business strategy and marketing tactics to attract new clients
  • if only we knew how to get our website ranking on search engines
  • If only we knew what marketing materials we need
  • If only we had more photography clients



As we mentioned above, the site’s primary focus is (of course) Marketing for Photographers, but we also address all of the other issues you face on a daily basis.

Here are just some of the key topics we cover:-

  • Fundamentally, how do photographers get new clients?
  • The hugely important subject of branding and how it can massively affect your photography business both positively and negatively
  • How do I create a marketing plan for my photography business?
  • We’ll teach you how to identify your correct target market and find prospective clients that match what your photography business has to offer
  • What social media platforms you should be focusing your digital marketing strategy on and why
  • Great marketing strategies that will put your photography business ahead of your competition with lots of photography marketing ideas to help your marketing efforts
  • You’ll learn how traditional advertising does still work and how it can really help with local marketing
  • Simple Website Design techniques for the non-technical that will engage your potential customers and content strategies that will keep your readers engaged
  • Search Engine Optimization techniques that really work with the most powerful search engine out there – Google and how it will push your photography website up the rankings
  • Learn how to use WordPress, the most powerful website platform available, and benefit from its flexibility in order to gain a competitive advantage and ultimately gain more business
  • Learn the simple process to optimize every website blog post and ensure it ranks wedding on Google’s search engine
  • We’ll teach you the psychology of pricing and how small adjustments can make a huge difference to your profits
  • The Art of Social Media Marketing : How to master it without spending all day on Facebook
  • How to organize your editing process and workflow to have more time to focus on business opportunities
  • Learn how to attract new clients to your wedding photography business with our “Fine Art of the Business of Wedding Photography” course that will teach you how to build a six-figure wedding photography business
  • And Lots Lots More…..



Alan Hutchison founder of Marketing for Photographers Marketing

MarketingForPhotographers.com was founded by Alan Hutchison a professional photographer based in the United Kingdom. Alongside his wife Morag, he operates a very successful Photography studio on the outskirts of Stirling.

Alan has an Associate and Licentiate accreditation with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Professionals as well as Licentiate credentials with the Master Photographers Association and the British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP).

Alan and Morag established their photography business in 2009 initially focusing on wedding photography and by the end of year two, they were already turning over a six-figure income.

Shortly after that they opened a new portrait photography studio and had a combined business turnover of over a quarter of a million.

In 2010 Alan was awarded the SWPP’s Members’ Choice Wedding Photographer of the Year, and in 2011 he jointly won the SWPP Members Choice General Photographer alongside his daughter Nicola. He was also awarded the Overall Most Promising Scottish Photographer of the Year by the Scottish Region of the MPA.

Before he started his studio, Alan’s professional background was in IT with 30 years of experience, working with firms of all sizes, including the largest PLCs and corporations. He has also owned several companies himself, including an Internet-based financial services firm he founded and successfully floated on the OFEX stock exchange in 2001, and a Photography SEO business which he successfully sold in 2018.

Alan is also a former member of MENSA with a measured IQ of 157, although he claims he must have had an off day when they did the test.

Alan is recognized within the photography industry as an expert on sales and marketing for photographers and SEO techniques and has spoken regularly to other professionals at Photography Conventions and Seminars.

For more information on Alan and his photography please visit his photography website at www.alanhutchison.co.uk or you can find him on social media here:



Photographers don’t make money, businesses do!  Without a firm grounding in good business and marketing techniques, your photography business will struggle to keep ahead of the many photographers (we call them “fauxtographers”) with little photography experience who flood your local business listings with “special offers”.


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